Commissario Piero Trotti

Persona Non Grat‘There are a varied collection of human bits and pieces floating in the River Po in Timothy Williams’ book but steel yourself for them and read on. Converging Parallels is by far the best thriller to appear so far this year and I cannot truly see it being bettered.’ – Punch

‘Commissario Trotti is an inspired creation. He is determined to work honestly, whatever the consequences for his police career. This is not easy in a small Italian town with forthcoming elections. He investigates the kidnap of a small girl, but is firmly told to drop his enquiries when they involve the mayor who is seeking re-election. The Red Brigades are active, their philosophies attract the sons and daughters of the rich and famous. Trotti’s wife rushes around casinos with other men, his daughter criticises his dress sense and his work ethics. Through it all, Trotti unwraps boiled sweets and shambles towards the truth. As well as being an accomplished thriller, the story casts a stark light on the political corruption which is rife in Italy. The background is detailed and interesting.’ – Sunday Times

‘In Converging Parallels, Timothy Williams, combines a lament for a decaying society with a kidnapping case in a small, municipally proud, communist controlled Italian city. For his likable hero, Commissario Trotti, it is a confrontation both with corruption and the realisation that even for those faithful in its service, the State’s probity can be a delusion.
The essential ingredients – a missing child, a dismembered corpse and blackmail – remain, artfully distilled by a bright new talent.’ – Guardian

‘The ageing, moody Trotti is a subtle and convincing creation; the other characters are portrayed with depth and sensitivity, and the Italian atmosphere is authentically beguiling.’ – Times

‘Of the trio of British authors who write police stories set in Italy – the others being Magdalen Nabb and Michael Dibdin – Timothy Williams is in some ways the best. His simple but stylish dialogue-driven prose is convincingly Continental, his plotting impeccable.’ – Time Out

‘L’auteur est anglais mais l’intrigue italienne. .. Une très bonne peinture de l’Italie à l’heure des Brigades Rouges.’ – Elle

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A small-town kidnapping presents a major problem for Commissario Trotti—and draws us into CWA Award winner Timothy Williams’ debut, set against the rich backdrop of a provincial Italian city. – Random House Canada.