CapitaineTimothy Williams (born 1946) is a bilingual British author. Born in Walthamstow (Essex, now London) Williams attended Woodford Green Preparatory School, Chigwell School and St Andrews University. He has previously lived in France, Italy, and in Romania, where he worked for the British Council.

Tim Williams has written five novels in English featuring Commissario Piero Trotti, a character critics have referred to as a personification of modern Italy. Williams’ books include Black August, which won a Crime Writers’ Association award. His novels have been translated into French, Italian, Danish, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, and Japanese.

Williams’ first French novel, Un autre soleil, set in the Caribbean, was published in Paris by Rivages in March 2011 and in English as Another Sun in New York by Soho Press in April 2013.

Un Autre Soleil (Another Sun) features Anne Marie Laveaud as French-Algerian judge who has relocated to this beautiful Caribbean island confident that she could make it her new home. But her day-to-day life is rife with frustration. When she is assigned a murder case, she quickly becomes certain that the chief suspect, an elderly ex-con named Hégésippe Bray, is a political scapegoat. Her superiors are dismissive of her efforts to prove Bray innocent, and to add insult to injury, Bray himself won’t even speak to her because she’s a woman. But she won’t give up, and Anne Marie’s investigations lead her into a complex tangle of injustice, domestic terrorists, broken hearts, and maybe even voodoo.

Williams is among the small number of authors writing Italian crime novels in English (including Magdalen NabbMichael Dibdin, and Donna Leon), three of whom are British and were born in the span of a single year.Ms. Nabb’s Death of an Englishman was published in 1981 and Williams’Converging Parallels followed in 1982. Williams is also the author of a soon to be published series of crime novels set in Guadeloupe in the French West Indies featuring Anne Marie Lavaud, a juge d’instruction. Mr. Williams, who holds dual British/French citizenship, currently lives on the island of Guadeloupe and and is nor retired after teaching for 30 years in the main lycée of Pointe à Pitre.

For the Observer Timothy Williams is one of the ten best European crime novelists. “The five books in Williams’s Commissario Trotti series, written from 1982–96, are hard to find, but if you liked Zen (Dibdin’s books or the TV series) you’ll enjoy Trotti just as much. A delight.” 


in English

  • Converging Parallels (London: Gollancz, 1982; ISBN 978-0-575-03125-8)
  • The Puppeteer (London: Gollancz, 1985; ISBN 978-0-575-04753-2)
  • Persona Non Grata (London: Gollancz, 1987; ISBN 978-0-575-04082-3)
  • Black August (London: Orion, 1992; ISBN 978-0-575-05307-6)
  • Big Italy (London: Orion, 1996; ISBN 978-0-575-05929-0)
  • Another Sun (New York: Soho Press, 2013; ISBN 978-1-616-95156-6)

in French

  • Un autre soleil (Rivages) 2011; ISBN 274362216 (now available in English as Another Sun)