Travels: Fox Street, Johannesburg

According to an advertisement on local TV, Sandton is the richest square mile in Africa. Built in 1973 in the brutalist style of the epoch, sometimes known as Apartheid Architecture, Sandton City is a chic mall that attracts wealthy shoppers of all ages and races; given the weakness of the rand against western currencies, you […]

In his sixth outing, a retired detective tries to determine the identity of a clever killer who’s seeking revenge against him. In Florence, retired policeman Piero Trotti assists Wilma Barclay, a young American who seems lost, and takes her under his wing. In Siena, he meets Gen. Spadano, a former colleague himself contemplating retirement, who […]

¬†Carlton Centre in central Johannesburg was built in the early seventies. The Wimpy Bar on the viewing deck of the fiftieth floor became in 1975 one of the few places where races could mingle. Some disgruntled customers complained and so interracial seating was made illegal. Wimpy responded by removing the seats, resolving the problem and […]

20 years after his last investigation, Trotti returns! After decades as a commissario in his city on the River Po, Piero Trotti has retired. But his newfound peace is brief. An old friend calls him to Siena to give him urgent news: a known hit man has returned to Italy to kill Trotti. The former […]